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Sunday, 17 April 2011

Tell your ego to bog off

Today, I read the blog (as I often do)  of
and I thought it a very thought provoking post. Letting go of your ego. Then, by chance, I was browsing Andrew York's music on Youtube and the post below popped up. This piece of music expresses how I interpreted Lo's post. I cannot put into words what she made me feel but the piece of music draws the words I can't find.


  1. Have you ever tried beating your ego (which seems an engagingly modest one to me) into mumbling submission by deliberately confusing it with egg? E.g. (ho ho)'Any more of that and I'll scramble/poach/boil your head, etc., to say nothing of 'Here's Benedict coming to get you don't say I didn't warn you'?

  2. Christopher: As a matter I was making eggs benedict yesterday.

  3. Well, how very selfless of you. And when you think of that hen sitting on that clutch of egos...


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