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Saturday, 27 August 2011

Knight Sleeping

There's a button in the filter gallery (Photoshop) which says "displace" and like the bottle in Alice through the looking glass (do not drink me) I click on displace from time to time just to see what it the above background is a fractal I displaced twice, ha, ha, with a drawing on top. The knight is sleeping...and, being a nitpicker...I think...what kind of knight would go to sleep with his helmet on? So, in this drawing this is a knight that drank some tea made out of some Datura Stramonium leaves because he thought it was a particularly lovely lily...but it wasn' he immediately fell into a coma...which is why he has still has his headgear on.

It's only taken me six years to figure out (from reading guitar forums) that the reason  for wonky hip is probably due to using a I have ordered a guitar support from this useful place where I also got the guitalele.

Thursday, 25 August 2011


The lottery seller, the coffeemaker, the checkout ladies are in warrior mode. The sickeningly high temperatures for the last six weeks have turned normally peace loving people into purple faced (except for tourists and the French who are polished chestnut), dripping, heartpounding, close to exhaustion, monsters (myself included).
However, after an hour listening to the guitarist below I have reduced heartbeat to around the pulse of a small race horse and discovered some nifty effects in Photoshop.

Two (chestnut polished) Russians outside invisible wife's gate yesterday as I was shlepping back from the rubbish run. The rubbish bins have turned into some giant biological process due to excessive temperatures. If there's a big bang and a new world comes into being don't say I didn't warn you.

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Swimming lesson

The invisible wife has a new fellow. A lean, mean fighting- machine with a bullet-like head, and a handlebar moustache. For some extraordinary reason he has recently rebuilt her garden wall to dizzying heights and adorned the gatepost with a large plaster lion (white). I like to think I am vaguely observant but to my astonishment I suddenly see that there are four more plaster lions guarding two of the houses on the other side of the street. I have never noticed them before. Why not? These lions would be knee height if they descended from their columns.
But it still leaves me with the problem of what has happened to Henry, husband of invisible wife? He was here a few weeks ago.
The heatwave continues.

Sunday, 21 August 2011

Ola de calor

Shuffle, plod, splash, shuffle, plod , too hot now to venture outside until eight this evening. Tried a bit of cycling, drawing, playing, but am losing the battle and listening to the afternoon play which is infuriatingly like an Agatha Christie story. "If I were capable of killing her I would have done it there and then."
The above coloured in with Corel Painter 4. 
I just noticed this morning that the local Halal butcher shop is called "La Paz".