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Saturday, 15 August 2009

Les Fronch are here.

Click to enlarge if you want.

Changeover day in seaside land. The people in Henry's house next door have left. The neighbours on the other side in a panic because local builder has flattened the land next to them and bulldozed into their garage. Such are the building laws from thirty years ago they discover that their garage doesn't officially have a back wall.

The middle of August French are arriving. These ones have massive, huge, two story camper vans forty feet long. And, as only the French can, they emerge into the sweltering heat in impossibly white jeans and already bronzed, glowing complexions. The rest of us remain varying shades of purple.

Too many people here now so I am in hermit mood until mid September.

Drawing done in Manga Studio.

Friday, 14 August 2009

Text Message

On my endless quest to make a comic strip. I'm using Manga Studio here which as you can see I have not mastered yet. It does make beautiful lines but I cannot fathom out how to add text. I can get as far as choosing the font, the size, the spacing but when I type nothing happens. There's a nifty cross-hatching buton which evokes the smell of Indian ink and the scritch-scratch of a splattering upto the knuckles however you held the blasted pen.

Weather alert of 39 degrees. The garden has basically...died. The carob tree dropping big, black beans. It feels like desert soup outside.

Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Magic Grinning Rabbit.

I think I posted this before but in different colours.
With Autumn at the other end of the road I am starting to feel the creative stuff revving up. My brain doesn't like over 30 celsius which it has been for a couple of months.

Little old Arthur has suddenly decided he really is old and little. It is sad that the fastest dog in the west now needs glucosamine (just like me) and can't walk properly at the moment. He is spitting out his new dried dog food which costs a million pounds a kilo. Pooh poohing the glucasomine supplements which are supposed to taste like chicken.

Holly who belongs to Alice who used to be Frank, is staying for a week. Alice, on a whim, is driving up to Asturias to find a boat somewhere which her daughter is on... to join in a sailing expedition.
The last time I tried to drag eight stone Holly for a walk she sat down in the middle of the road and I couldn't budge her. Two hours to go and I will be doing a repeat performance if you need entertaining.

I am going to eat a big plate of meat tonight because I have been eating far too healthily for a week and I have ordered a Turkish spindle starter kit. Why do I do this? I've only just begun knitting a blanket... and I really wanted to knit a pair of socks not a massive "throw" as they call it or "Afghan" as the websites call them.