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Saturday, 23 May 2009

Dinner Date

Having been given this idea I feel a Maureen Chlorine coming on. She's been in the cupboard for too long and it's time to get her up and running again. This is the kind of bloke that she lands up with at dinner dates. She doesn't encourage them. They just happen.


I accidentally made a paintbrush using comic sans font and came up with this. A lot of the image is playing around with the displacement tool which hones in on my fractal folder. I then pick a fractal image and click okay and it makes the image distort into random shapes...or having originated from a fractal treatment probably isn't very random at all.
Grey day here.
This is the time of year the beasties come out the woodwork. Last year the mountains were full of ex-mili from Kosovo. This year, I imagine it will be M.P's on the run from being lynched in London.