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Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Showing off.

Utter, utter, complete show-offy photo of pink plant, not an amaryllis, that I grew from small bulb and is now...can't actually remember how old, but this is its best year yet. And,if anyone knows where that statue could be from, let me know.

Monday, 25 April 2011

Encontrar un media naranja

One of those magical days which started with me pouring gazpacho into my morning mug of tea. Pretty similar carton to the milk. Then I cycled down the wrong track in the scrubland and couldn't figure out the maze of pathways there.  Whizzed all the way down hill to the main street and spent an entertaining fifteen minutes looking for birthday presents in the Chinese shop, for a wee boy that is one year old tomorrow. I love this shop. Bought a wooden tambourine (Alice who used to be Frank is going to love me forever, small boy being her only grandchild). Also bought two small, plastic cars, a tube of stuff to blow bubbles. Who doesn't like rainbow bubbles flying into the sky? And a lime green tiny pictureframe into which I have put a very unserious portrait of small boy in ink and watercolour for his mother. Well, she brought cheddar cheese and english sausages...and hot cross buns, all the way from England.
Narrowly avoided buying myself beautiful wooden spinning top with rod and string, managed to get past the clockwork singing birds without winding one up. Puzzled over the very funny but disgusting glass vessels that spout shocking pink liquids from statues inside the aforesaid vessels. Held my breath going through the essential oil section.  The young lady that runs the shop used to be in the same class as my one and only. Her name, translated from Chinese, means "President of the magic forest" which I think is beautiful, and I shall use those words for something one day. Great name for a kid's don't go and nick it.
Rain, rain, rain but the amaryllis or whatever it is blooming and looks spectacular. Eleven blooms on one plant! I'll be posting it on Renderosity.
Catch ya later.