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Saturday, 14 November 2009

Title Goes Here

My extra special moment of the day being placing my hands into a cardboard box and discovering the screwtop salad dressing bottle had unscrewed itself...I don't even like salad dressings that come in bottles. I prefer to splash around with olive oil, garlic, all sorts of vinegars and lemons. The only reason I had a bottle is because there were no cupboards for three months.
Not only that, but the food colouring bottles had unscrewed themselves. Not that I have used food colouring since the days of homemade play doh. Anyway, the yellow sort of washes off but not the red and blue. A condiment poltergeist?

Henry and his invisible wife are still in residence. What do they do all day¿ Why does everybody on this street have agoraphobia? Am I living on a Lay Line? Hello? Hello¿

Close your eyes and drift away with this...

Thursday, 12 November 2009

It wasn't me

Ah yes, the "moleskine"...The Jimmy Choo of the drawing brigade. I struggled against the temptation of following the pack for quite a while before actually making the mistake of looking at them on Amazon and then instantly ordering four moleskine sketchbooks from an Amazon seller. This one is actually for noting down animation ideas but I just like not having to draw a frame.

Anyway, the reason I noticed the blogger "He's Spartacus", (On right hand side) was because the title really makes me laugh...because that would be closer to the truth than everyone politely shouting "I'm Spartacus." I mean can you imagine ? No, it would be more like everyone running away really fast and pointing....."He's Spartacus."

Sort of what they are doing to Gordon Brown but without robes and wood.

Wednesday, 11 November 2009


Here's a conversation that took place in the seat behind me on the bus.
Her: "So...did he snitchon her?"
Him: "Yeah, he snitchedon her."
Her: "Holy Sh$$"
Him: "Yer, Holy Sh$$, eh. He went n' snitchedon her."
Her: "What dya feel about that, like?"
Him: "I don't give a sh$$. You know what I'm like."
Her: . "So, he went and snitchedon her."
Him: Yer, she got well and truely snitched,eh"
Bus Driver: "Snitched eh? EGLINGTON and DANFORTH."

Oh, and by the way. I almost collided into Camilla. You know, the one that married the one with the ears. She was crossing the road just outside the Toronto Music Conservatory and surrounded by men dressed in black. I felt quite sorry for her. The rest of the world was busy heading down Bloor Street oblivious of her presence.

I bought this music from the shop up the road.

I'm not saying I can play it, mind...

And here's the shop...