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Friday, 2 July 2010

Fine Boobs.

The local police and council have come up with another summer, money-making scam. They are going to fine lady tourists three hundred euros if they go into a shop or restaurant wearing only a bikini. Tomorrow is "Operacion Salida" here in Spain. This means millions of Spaniards are leaving the cities and heading for the beaches...or Florida...depending on job status.

There are also hoards of Russians and Czechs here now and their ladies are six-foot godesses and probably trained in military warfare. Are there any notices around town saying "Please do not wear your bikini here." You bet there isn't.

I sense blood on the streets soon.

Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Sea Dog

The garden is bursting with poppies and strange, unidentified plants that came from packets designed to attract beasties. And, they do. Every morning the air is full of humming, buzzing and fluttering. Even the teeny finches come to bathe in the long wet grass when I water.
The most dangerous plant in the world has returned under the carob tree. It keeps growing back even when I pull it out by the roots.

 It is very, very hot. Jan-Van, Paco and Patrick have gone into town. Nobody has a power tool on right now so I have cranked up the piano concerto. Air conditioning on, which I still consider a luxery after all those years with my feet in a bucket of ice water.

Tuesday, 29 June 2010



Here is a link to a site that analyses the vocabulary in your blog and makes a graphic picture out of your words. The more you use a particular word the bolder it appears. Simply paste in your URL and see for yourself. I was very surprised...and I also seem to use a lot of words with four or less letters. 

30 degrees in the shade. No running water on the street all morning . Lots of purple people. Henry and his invisible wife have arrived. Henry is as thin as a skeleton this year...but he doesn't eat. He only drinks beer.

I will try to think of longer words...