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Saturday, 6 November 2010

Thursday, 4 November 2010

The Captain's reflection.

Oooerrr...zzzpppptttt! This is like too much chocolate cake. Colours have the same effect on me as sugar. No spray cans here. All directly out of my brain. No comment.

Playing around in Ultra Fractal and suddenly the raytrace bakground emerged so  I dropped...oh never mind. Squirly font size again. Anyway...dropped it into Painter Essentials, turned it into a woodcut. Sprayed in some fish, a house,lanterns, snowflakes, cherry blossom (None of them my own drawings. It comes with the software. What is the copyright on that?) Gave it the woodcut treatment again.

Still on a quest to get to Arisaig land. The bean and her husband have offered a seat in their camper van in exchange for the guided tour of the road to the isles...however, sleeping arrangements are up to me. I came across "Sunnyside Croft" which is exactly the place where I spent happy summer holidays. It is still there! But modernised!! And virtually fully reserved already for next summer!!!! Aaaaaarrggggggggggggg.Should I get a tent?