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Tuesday, 12 April 2011

If you look through the keyhole you might see...

Having had a very dubious education this is my interpretation.
I am very perplexed that after thirty three hours of running, yoga-ing, aerobic-ing on the Wii , my waistline after losing four inches, (what a shocker) remains resolutely at imminent heart attack measurement. This is not fair. Half a kilo lighter...also not fair.
Dentist on Thursday, level 1.  fear level in progress. Dentist also means a visit to the telephone shop to be bewildered by the purchase of a mobile. It is time to connect with planet earth. The only problem being....that when I want a gadget, I want the one that does everything or I would rather go without. It will be an exercise of major restraint.

Máximo Diego Pujol - Milonga de Junio, performed by Tatyana Ryzhkova

Monday, 11 April 2011


Paranoia on the streets. New people skulking into town with new wares to sell to the soon to be tourists. As the whole town is run by six families there is tension rising.1. Restaurants and bars. 2. Clothes retailers. 3. Newsagents. 4. Tobbacco shops. 5. Hardware shops. 6. Construction.
The Outsiders rent overpriced venues from which they operate as estate agents, buckets, spades and general beach stuff, nail designers, handbag sellers, sunglasses, oils and potions, tattoo artists, bar singers that really shouldn't sing, new eastern ladies threatening the white booted ladies that live here all year, small gifted Romanian children who can physically squeeze themselves through barred and bolted windows. It's like some sort of giant theatre.
The locals are muttering..."Hoooozaaat...where from....what street live on....who is renting to he actually selling meat....where he get house to sell?"
Oh, and the invisible wife has reeled in an Englishman with a silver sports car. Should someone warn him?

Sunday, 10 April 2011

The meaning of bath

Alice wore black and with heels as long as my hands which brought her up to around six five. She is shortly to set off to sail down the French canals with her dog who I will name Golightly (she doesn't). Her adventures will provide quite a bit of entertainment.Last year, she was detained by the port police as soon as she entered was narrowly missing a cross channel ferry that annoyed them. That, and ripping a row of fishing rods out of the hands of  French fishermen as she screeched by in her boat. I plead with her to write a book of her sailing adventures. She always says no so I will do it for her.

MUSIC PAINTING - Glocal Sound - Matteo Negrin