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Saturday, 5 March 2011

party girl

I kid you not. Click to enlarge if you dare. The latest fashion craze here is thigh boots with lots of straps, buckles and shiny bits. It appears compulsory to wear them with mini skirts. Enormous bum? No problem. Cellulite so bad it shows through thick, shiny tights. Bah, who cares? Not these ladies.
I saw this vision by the gas station this morning. This is probably going to shape the lives of the two small onlookers who gazed in awe at this leatherclad godess.

Apparently it is "Carnaval" today and Nuria has bought an "outfit" for Paco. I cannot imagine Paco in an "outfit". He is a cool harmonica player in his spare time. You saw the video here first. Highway 61.

Beautiful bike ride by the sparkling, sapphire sea, birds singing, pine trees pining. For the smallest moment I was completely at one with the universe.

Friday, 4 March 2011

Tomatito Bulerias

Bonsai tree

The first sweet pea shoot has surfaced in the kitchen, the red and yellow stripey tulips are out in the computer room. Inside, all is riotous colour which makes up for the fact it is spitting icey rain outside.
Edith de France is coming round later so I can show her how to change guitar strings. I can't remember where I learned to do string changing but I do remember one snapping into my face.
I know the lettering is in the wrong place in the speech bubble but I can't be bothered to change it. The only thing you need to know is that he is called Almanzor and is not a manumissionary.

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Something scarey on the roof.

Or is it in the crawl space? Every afternoon, usually around dusk, there is a sound on the roof. It sounds as if something is pushing a round stone from one side of the ceiling to another, picking the stone up, dropping it and repeating the entire sequence.
Today, it is early, the sun is still shining but going down. The creature (which has taken on gigantic proportions by now) is scrawling (the only word to describe it) from one side of the house to another. If you run outside really fast...there is nothing to be seen
It can cross from the computer room, through the kitchen to the far side of the sitting room ceiling in about thirty seconds. The holes in the ventilation bricks oustide the house wouldn't let even a mouse in, so I am assuming it's on the roof. Anyway, it's pretty scarey. Almost as bad as the thing that used to live in the boarded- up fireplace in my bedroom in Scotland.

Monday, 28 February 2011

"Imagine" (ins.) by Edin Karamazov, Fiori Musicali

Rare Egyptian Kapati

A fragment of an incredibly rare eygptian tapestry. Probably from a priest's patrashil. It's almost like a 1950's party dress isn't it? I am amazed. Are you? Click to enlarge.