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Thursday, 21 April 2011

Easter bunny

Grey, cold, windy and lots of strange newcomers in town. The invisible wife has sunk to new depths. She left Fido locked in her house for over twelve hours yesterday during which he cried almost non-stop and managed to wedge himself between the windowsill, open window but behind the wrought ironwork. He's a big Alsatian. He sat there all day waiting for Madam Ho to return and as the day drew on he wobbled more and more as he tried to stay sitting upright. The doggy people in Spain cannot help an animal if it is in somebody's property.
Everytime I went out, his one yellow eye and one blue eye fixated on me, and he howled. I have put a curse on the invisible wife.


  1. Hope Fido has been released by now.
    Weather is upside down, some people in Britain are now complaining about the heat & the government has put out a smog warning. Or it may have been a snog warning, for most of us the weather makes us jolly & friendly, shiny, happy people.

  2. Good for you, dear....perhaps you should also make a voodoo doll and stick a few pins in it.

    OOOOh, people like that really rile me up. I hope she finally showed up and released that poor dog.

  3. Soaring: A warning...shiny people. Dangerous? Bucketing here and cold.

    Lo:She always shows up in the end. I wish she would go away for ever and give her dog to a good home.

    ElizT:It is unbearable. It makes me weep with rage.

  4. "Hey, hey, hey! Pull this bus over to the side of the pretentiousness turnpike! I want everybody out, I want the shiny people over here and the happy people over here! I represent angry, gun-toting, meat-eating f***ing people! ...Sit down and shut the f*** up, Michael." (Denis Leary)
    I'm sure the REM lads were a wee bit cynical, like me I guess.

  5. Mr Leary is like...really rude and this is a genteel blog so I'm going to pretend I don't know what you are on about and run off to draw bebby jesus cartoon.

  6. Apologies, Rosie, for confusing your genteel blog with others such as my brother's. Mr Leary is indeed rude.
    But leapfrogging forward (the only way to do it) to your wonderful bebby jesus cartoon, I am further confused. Is there some connection between bebby jesus & an egg? Is that why people do Easter?

  7. Sir, your brother's blog is undoubtedly based on the Voynich Manuscript and therefore rather sacred.
    There certainly is a connection between bebbyjesus and an egg. I'm getting to it, hopefully today but I haven't even started drawing yet.


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