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Saturday, 23 April 2011

Part two

The street is filling up. Windows opening, power tools on, new barking on the block, shiny, happy red sports cars from Andorra.
I quite often listen to Vivaldi when I am drawing and I always make the same faces or gestures as the people I draw. It's a good job nobody is watching really.
The invisible wife is in major skulk mode...she almost slithers out of the house next door now. She locked in Fido again yesterday. Of course everybody on the street is trying to get a look at the new man, the new Englishman,who has a white van (business), red, mud coloured car (property in the mountains) and a silver sportscar (business, picking up dames, pimpmobile). But she herds him into his vechicles with amazing professional speed as everybody else suddenly realises they are standing at various strategic points of the road as if they are just about to go to the rubbish bins, take dog for a walk, park car on street. But we all silently know, in spite of our many different languages, that we want a glimpse of...Invisible Amante.


  1. Your rain has stopped. Thank you. On the other hand a couple who bore for England are coming to tea. So I still won't get my onions in.

  2. Just put on a stripey T-shirt, a beret and draw in a moustache and introduce yourself as Onion Johnny. They won't even stay for tea, I promise. Oh, and you'll need a bike.

  3. But that's how I look all the time...and they're still here.


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