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Friday, 22 April 2011

Mark Knopfler Local Hero Wild Theme, Montserrat ´97


  1. I love this music from the best British film ever made. It was a travesty that MK didn't win the Brit soundtrack award.

  2. I absolutely agree and there's lots of other "Local Hero" fans here including myself.The best guys never win.Awards make me mental.

  3. Yes, yes & yes again! My most favourite film of all time. Must have seen it 100 times. The music is sublime (Smooching is magnificent) as well as the scenery, the gentle humour & well just everything.
    The day, in about 1988, when I discovered Camusdarach beach I could scarcely believe it. On one of many subsequent visits I am sure I found the rockpool where Mac left his watch (which was no longer there). But there were some familiar sea creatures.
    It's quite odd to see Peter Capaldi in his recent type of roles after knowing him as Danny - rather different! It was Local Hero that started his career.
    Whole lotta scenery though.
    What are your favourite lines?

  4. Yes, it is odd seeing Peter Capaldi in such different roles. I have all the "In the Loop" CDs. Amazing that you found the rockpool. Spent much of my childhood face down in those miniature universes.
    I never remember lines but I have watched LH a gazillion times and an old friend in Glen Coe once told me that the submarine scene was based on real life incidents.

  5. If I close my eyes and look out of the window while listening, there are the sands of Morar...

    ...Alex Norton (Watt in LH) is a friend and occasional neighbour...

    ...are you equally fond of the other Bill Forsyth films, Gregory's Girl, That Sinking Feeling, etc.?

    Your rain has arrived. I shall never get my onions in.

  6. Hooray, the sands of Morar...and I'm heading there in May!
    Potatoes, mangetout, green beans, haricot beans, tomatoes, catalan cabbages (for a laugh but they are now four feet across and this is not a big garden) all in and flourishing.
    I like Gregory's girl a lot but don't know that sinking feeling. I'll look it up.

  7. Nope, can't match that: rasps, strawbs (of course), artichokes, perpetual spinach, beetroot, onions when your rain finally stops.

    Morar (Arisaig?) I thought it might be. Bit far from Ullapool on the 6th, maybe.

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. So you're good at numbers eh?
    Yeah part of my job.
    Would you give me a pound note for every grain of sand I hold in ma hand? You can have the beach for that. (drops a few grains) There, saved you a pound or two.
    C'mon Ben I don't wanna play games, let's negotiate in a business like way.
    (drops all the sand) Oh dear, you coulda had a very nice purchase there, I can't hold more than 10,000 grains of sand in ma hand at a time. Did you think t'would be a bigger number?
    You took advantage of me Ben.
    Did I?
    How about a hatful of sand?
    Ah no, that wouldna be business like.
    from memory

    Good sky you've got here Macintyre, well done.


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