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Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Basket Boys

This is driving me bonkers. I cannot get it into colour and I've been in Photoshop, Manga studio, Adobe illustrator. Anyway, thank you to Rog for the beginnings of an idea.

The boob lady couple have arrived over the road and in true French style urns of petunias appeared within hours of arrival and the power water jet thingy switched on within minutes. Possibly one of the worst sounds ever...apart from chain saws.

A really nice Swiss neighbour down the road has died. I will miss him. He was very funny and always asked me to play him a concert when I lugged the guitar past his house on the way to the community centre.

Sunday, 30 May 2010

Don't watch before bed.


A new shop in town. "Butcher", it proclaims. "Halal", it offers. So, I go inside and find a paradise of spices, hanioc flour, ginger, pepper, brown sugar, yuccas (which I have never tried yet), yams, green plantain bananas, shining, lumpy courgettes, bags of couscous and bags of I haven't a clue and at the back, a meat counter.

A steady stream of people leaving this place with large green plastic bags so heavy they could hardly carry them...

Oh, and bags of blue corn. I asked the owner what to do with them but he said I should have asked the girl in the green sweater that just left because she is from South America.

It is boiling.