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Saturday, 6 June 2009

Wednesday, 3 June 2009

What if?

Click to enlarge.
The is an old, old cartoon and the Maureen of now doesn't look like this one at all. I'm surprised at such a massive shift in the way I draw. The above was done with a pilot pen and paper but using a Wacom tablet brings making lines into a new universe.
I'm driving myself nuts in Manga Studio because I don't know how to use it yet.
The oddity of today being a German the colour of a conker rang the doorbell, took out a sledgehammer and hammered the metal gate which makes it easier to open rather than the usual daily wrestling match. We don't have a language in common but I can say things like "thank you", "I am called Rosie" or "Ich bin tot."
Trip booked to Britain next week. Got a pile of new music at class to see me through the summer. Hooray. Norbert Declercq.