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Monday, 19 July 2010

Pete Daily

Alice is Missing

Alice who used to be Frank has been carted away by the French Port Authorities. By a man wearing gold braid. Little did he know that Alice is a great admirer of anything that sparkles or has frills and would have seen his uniform as a clear sign that the Port Authority likes dressing up. Alice is nearly six feet tall and a former footballer but also with a penchant for weeping. I suspect she shed copious tears in order to be released for not having the right paperwork or flags and, indeed,  obstructing the path of a humongous car ferry by a mere fifty feet. Anyway, the masts are now down and she is ready to sail down the canals...oh dear.

Sunday, 18 July 2010

Heavenly Appeals

Spot the Octopus

No, not in the the link below.

Last night I had a spectacular boxing match with a peculiar blond man on a Wii. It had never ocurred to me that I might enjoy pasting a virtual somebody but it was strangely satisfying.  Mainly for the sound effects...I think.
Then I joined three virtual buddies for a tennis match and reminded myself of what a lousy tennis player I always was and how "gym" at school was a subject of dread.
"Miss Weeruth, go and give the hockey balls a new lick of paint. It's the only thing you do well."
Or my favourite..."Miss Weeruth. Away up Dollar Hill with you and be back in forty five minutes."
From halfway up Dollar Hill I watched the miniature game of hockey unfolding below . Believe me, it was far more enjoyable up there then on the pitch.