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Saturday, 2 October 2010

Captain MacKenzie

If you have nothing else to do you can click to enlarge. I just discovered the "symbol" library in Adobe illustrator. Well, I knew it was there but I had never found these particular symbols before. It's being inside a Tin Tin story.
What I do not get, however is why Illustrator reduced a nearly 3000pixel image into 700 and something pixels. What's that about?

Note to self:
There is no point in getting annoyed by Strictly Come Dancing  contestants whom I have never even met.

Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Gee...a window

This may be upside down which tells you how long ago I made it. There were three more panels originally. Anyway, here's a link to  which made me remember that I actually made this at all. 
The sky is a brilliant blue today so I leaped on the bike and sailed down the road to the sea (Mr Boob Lady kindly blew up the tyres with his foot pump after watching me struggling from over the road).  Sometimes, I am intensely agoraphobic but I discovered today that with earplugs on low...the world seems a different I went for miles listening to this.

un, dos, tre, un, dos, tre, UN, DOS, TRE..

Sunday, 26 September 2010

Cocktail Party

Well, the mayor down the road seems to be in trouble over a bunch of Russians. I am Captain Kirk for a while, which means sardines and toast, furtive dancing and prancing. The wind is relentless. The tourists have left.
I have to make a list of projects so I don't roll to a standstill. Arthur is in a snit. I am incapable of writing long sentences. I am wearing socks for the first time since...June, I think.

Don't mess with bugs.