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Friday, 22 April 2011

Easter...sort of.

They are screaming in the streets of Sevilla. I feel quite sorry for them. They have spent all year making immense statues and decorations for this time of year and there is a deluge of biblical proportions going on all over Spain.
And I have an odd pain in my chest which comes and goes and my doctor assures me is probably connected to my ability to produce panic attacks for no reason whatsoever. Still, it's a bit weird.
Yes, spelling mistake in second day I'll actually make a comic with no mistakes in one attempt!


  1. Splendid, thank you! In a similar vein, during a midwinter visit a few years ago to the mesquita at Cordoba, we discovered a mystified bloke following the display of about 15 terra cotta tableaux telling the whole Christmas story the wrong way round, starting with the flight into Egypt and finishing with the annunciation. Couldn't have been your brother, could it?

    Sorry about the panic attacks. You can always withdraw into blogland. Or maybe that would make them worse?

  2. Yes, it certainly sounds like him.

    No panic attacks in Blogland. Only when there is an enormous amount of people...or space...or theatres...

  3. Thank you for these theological insights. I shall try to bear them in mind on Sunday.

  4. Dave, Thank you, but could you take note that my version may not be a hundred per cent accurate.


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