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Friday, 12 November 2010

Out of the electric sea and into the page of a very rare book.

Completely taken over by heebie jeebies yesterday when it transpired "the group" is playing in the concert next Friday. We are not talking about the Royal Variety Performance here, nor indeed the usher Hall. No, this is the local community centre. This playful concert, is in fact, performed by very excited little people, and self concious teenagers, all showing off their steadily improving musical skills to proud parents. This concert is not even open to the public. It is literally for mums and dads and teachers and yet I am reduced to a state of primal fear, presently in stage two. Yesterday shooting up to stage four as Jordi announced the forthcoming event. In the fourth stage your body supposedly shuts down totally and is completely unresponsive. Not we file out the building Jordi says "Rehearsals Wednesday morning. Everybody fine with that?"
Nope, apparently not. Not me anyway. Stage four fear burning behind my eyes, coursing into my heart as I forget Edith de France is giving me a lift home. Somewhere in the distance I hear a chorus of "Rosana, Rosana...?"
But Jordi knows me pretty well and has opened up the fire exit at the side of the building , newly lit cigarette in his mouth. "Don't panic, don't panic." (Captain Mannering)
. I am snaking around the side, lugging the guitar, just wishing I could be normal like other folk.
Edith de France has now got me cornered with her Volkswagen. Game over.
So she has invited me to go to the Choral rehearsals (with two real flamenco guitarists) tonight so I can walk around on the stage and see how easy it is.
I didn't tell Edith that my last stage appearance was as Snow White in the Lochgelly community centre when I was twenty five. The dwarves were taller than me but one little girl from the audience came backstage afterwards and she thought I was a real princess. Magic.

Monday, 8 November 2010

Mr. Campo

Sometimes it's fun to use software to do a strip. In Toonlet you can choose and make your own characters and add your own words. I am glad I do not know Mr. Campo in real life...or do I?

Ooops, I can't change the size of the image.

Sunday, 7 November 2010

Universal Ship

Sometimes, I have no control over how the drawing takes shape. This one almost did itself as I'm listening to Leon Russell on Youtube. In case you cannot see, which you probably can't unless you're wearing 3D glasses or something, the base is a photo of an Egyptian rowboat that I took in the ROM in Toronto. There are a bunch of fractals and I just love the "fish spray" in Painter Essentials.

This is part of Captain Mackenzie's Travels...more on that later.