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Saturday, 2 July 2011

Ratbag Sister

The air is as thick as split pea soup. The ladies in bikinis are spilling out onto the streets although I have not personally seen this yet. I listened to the TED talk on the sidebar about doing something you have always wanted to do for thirty days in a row...I can't think of anything except maybe writing a best seller...maybe I'll dig out one of my unfinished the one about the protester under Dunvegan beach who stumbles across a dormant spacecraft underground...and the Nimbus News TV crew...and Rupert Croke who runs the "Vegan Falls Inn"...and Carmen from Peru who has magic powers...and Joy who collects antiquities...real ones...the false ones are in the museums...and the asshopper used for quick trips to Edinburgh from the West coast of Scotland. Actually, maybe I really will dig out that folder ...I think I started it about fifteen years ago...

"Canto bajo la luna" , composed & interpreted by Jean Marie RAYMOND

Thursday, 30 June 2011


You see if you send in ideas I may actually draw them because sometimes my mind is blank and it's always interesting to hear other people's stories.

El Camino del Rey [High Quality]

What about Maureen...

Sometimes people ask me where Maureen gets her jackets from? I always ponder this. Do they mean it in a philosophical way? Maureen sometimes arrives in my mind completely uninvited, but if anyone out there has some toe-curling embarrassing situation they would like to see her in, just let me know. Perhaps you can recall some of your own dating/social disasters? I promise not to mention names, ha, ha. Go on, I need some ideas...

Wednesday, 29 June 2011

It's red all over! It's red all over!

The most astonishing event of the morning being that Henry next door arrived to return the money he had borrowed for his plane ticket last October. So far, his shouting has remained way below his normal scale. Did he get a hearing aid?
There is much, much housework that needs doing but I remain in much, much not doing anything mode...BUT! I have ONE fingernail on the right hand that I have honed to perfect form and smoothness. The thumb is finally growing. I haven't had a decent set of nails in ages. No, it's not a Barbie thing.

William Shatner - Mr Tambourine Man

Monday, 27 June 2011

Liz Cavendish

Headphones on, listening to Radio Four's afternoon play...quite spooky really.
The above done in Manga Studio. I didn't know you could change the colour of the pattern pen.
Even Henry has shut his shutters against the searing heat. Same here.

The history of Guitars (experience music project, Seattle)

Sunday, 26 June 2011

The Witches

More hats

An eerie silence outside as the temperature in the shade on the porch reaches thirty again. The pumpkin leaves are drooping, not even a bird singing. 40 degrees in Castilla y Leon yesterday. The cold water tap is running hot and, since cycling and swimming are off limits at the moment, I have severe cabin fever. A pox on old lady legs and a curse on an allergy to chlorine for God's sake. How does one develop an allergy to chlorine out of the blue? Well, out of the last four years. I should have never given up smoking. I think about cigarettes constantly at the moment.
Big batch of vichysoisse in the fridge.

Michele Della Giustina - the cut of the spruce