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Saturday, 4 September 2010

Marjory discovers iTunes streaming radio.

Has anybody out there got an iPod?  Are  they as cool as they say they are? Is it worth getting the really expensive one? What quality is the sound with earplugs?

Above is Corel Painter4 trial version.

Henry and the invisible wife are in trouble. They have zero funds...I mean...nothing. I actually find this very upsetting and do not know what to do.  They own property in Germany but cannot afford a Ryanair ticket home...anyway they have a big dog so would have to drive. I have been instructed by more than one person to not get involved.

Jordi phoned in his annual panic at organising the timetable for all the guitar lessons. You can never tell what he is saying on the phone because he laughs so much...which is good.

Thursday, 2 September 2010

Big Universe


I once wrote a short story about an alien kid who gets left behind and is befriended by a small boy...then came "E.T". I once wrote a short story about a quiz show where the contestants played for their lives...then came Arnold. I once wrote a children's story for my daughter about a race called"The Googlies" who lived in pine trees...

What are the banks up to in Britain? Why are they replacing my cards with Visa? Has somebody taken over all the banks and I didn't notice? Of course my new Visa card does not work in the Hole 'int wall machine even though The RBS via a phone call assure me the card is up and running. I hate having to step into the real world to fix something that was not broken in the first place.

Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Spot the Hare.

The South American Linkin Park group up the road have left. All the neighbours flooded out into the street yesterday as the acrid smell of "I am a house on fire and I am just about to blow up" drifted around in a huge hazy cloud. My knees started to shake with memories but it turned out to be nothing. Just another day in Spain.

Still, I was amazed that everybody on the street apparently all wear sarongs when inside. The road looked like a line of bunting.

Only the Reiki Mistress next door did not emerge until I rang her bell and asked if she was okay.
"I'll just check the roof terrace is not on fire," she says...

Alice who used to be Frank is back from her epic sailing trip. She has a hospital appointment. Last time I went with her to give some moral support as she thought it was going to be bad news. The specialist asked us which was the patient. We were in a prostate clinic. Thanks...

Sunday, 29 August 2010

What's wrong with her hands?

Millions exit as the summer holidays draw to an end. The people that all live here are clapping their hands in glee at the millions of euros they have raked in. They deserve it after working twelve to fourteen hours a day , seven days a week, for three months. In a couple of months they will be heading to the Dominican Republic, London and Dublin.

Mr Russell, below, plays the best tremelo...pima, pima, pima...or pami, pami, pami, I mean.