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Saturday, 1 August 2009


I found a very different blog today.

Well worth a look and full of interesting stuff.

The above is a banner which looks fine at 3,000 pixels wide but sadly doesn't work at all when scaled down. Back to the wacom tablet.

The air outside is like thick, grey peasoup. Someone has moved into Henry's house next door. A small, grizzled fellow dressed in purple and yellow bermuda shorts and flip flops. He doesn't believe in eye contact, and like Henry's wife, thinks he is invisible. But, he has the radio channel on all day, the one that broadcasts Spain's Old favourites from the Fifties" "Ayeee, Ayyee, Ayee Os ha muerto el canario!!!!"
(oh dear, oh dear, oh dear, the canary has gone and died on us).
I think Henry has probably paid him to look after the property while they skulk where ever they skulk. I'm pretty certain they don't know he has moved in.
The French over the street endlessly pressure spray their car wheels. "Bonjour vroomshwsshhh, tout va? Brooomvaaahshwooooo."

I am listening to Skye classical guitar FM. Really? It sounds like I am in a backpacker's hotel somewhere in Mexico...Who chooses these tracks?

Friday, 31 July 2009

Hundred Year Old Passport

Click on pic to enlarge.

Not quite a hundred years but almost. This is my grandfather who is leading me on a wild goose chase from his place in the skies. He joined the Royal Flying Corps in 1916 (Military Wing) and stayed in the RAF until 1947 yet I can find no record of him anywhere.
To add to the mystery my mother (his daughter) forgot to mention to both my father and myself that she had many uncles and aunts which we didn't know existed until I found a 1918 book of photos of them all in a hamlet called Bassingthorpe and visiting a place called Bezier Castle.
To really complicate things, my parents were vaguely related by marriage and shared a set of cousins...who were Swiss. My grandfather was brought up in Zurich because his father, from Edinburgh married a Veillon...who was a wait...forget it.

Ha, ha. I have a school report from when I was six which says "Rosie gets very easily sidetracked in her work."

Nothing changes.

Thursday, 30 July 2009


I've just altered the Gordon Brown drawing a bit and turned it into a self portrait. I sleepwalk. Usually, I sleepwalk right to the fridge door and make myself crackers spread with Dijon Mustard or I glug gazpacho. I have been seen doing this even though I have no recollection of walking around at two in the morning.
But two nights ago my amazing nocturnal navigating skills failed and as I airily swung my legs over the side of the bed I landed thwump right on my tailbone...which actually still hurts, because...and this is true...I accidently walked off the roof of a nissan hut by mistake when I was about ten. Actually, I was running. It was a real Fred Flintstone moment as I hung in the air legs still whirring. The upside being that I didn't have to play hockey for six weeks...hooray.

Anyway, here's another "Town called Panic". Once you start you can't stop. I so want to make an animation along these lines...and I do have boxes full of such props and toys...

Monday, 27 July 2009


I knew this lady once who had a son called Juan. A troubled six foot ten year old who sometimes set fire to his bedroom. His mother seemed oblivious to the smoke and flames and used to say things like..."Oh, Juan honey, cooeee, oh Juan honey."
The name has stuck with me ever since. Juan Honey.
I don't know why I mention this. Probably the heat.

If you need a laugh...hop on the might have to have a peculiar sense of humour but it makes me laugh.