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Friday, 27 August 2010

36 and rising

Not a squeak or a peep outside. Thirty six degrees and an hour to go before it thinks of getting cooler. People are now actually cutting short their holidays and returning to the cooler climes of Holland etc. I am dreaming of Ardnamurchan Point. Another time...


Thursday, 26 August 2010

The Girlie One

30 in the shade and rising. Seem to have hypnotised myself by listening to old John Martyn videos.

The invisible wife next door approached Patrick with wide-eyed admiration at the post office cafe this morning.
"(with german accent), We had no idea your wife could play the piano so beautifully."

Except it is not me. There is a classical pianist renting a house round the back so she can practise during the summer for a concert she will be giving. Maybe if I hide in the honeysuckle I will be able to hear her too?

"No," explains Patrick. "My wife is learning the guitar. I hope it doesn't bother you. Let me know if it does."
: (

John Martyn - May You Never

Wednesday, 25 August 2010

wedding ring

Strolled through the edge of the turquoise sea for the first time in months. The tourists are leaving. The ads are up for new school clothes. People are the colour of shining...can you believe this/ Why did the font change size?
 Oh well here's truely beautiful version of Carlo Domenicano's Koyunbaba 1.

Tuesday, 24 August 2010

My long lost Ivor Payne.

I am working through emails. This first one is from a friend who follows the weather forecast here.
dear mrs f.a.

i am writing to enquire after the fate of one of my much cherished friends, who was cruelly subjected to the possibility of being blown up by a mean-spirited computer in conspiracy with the electrical utilities of catalonia. i was wondering whether you had enough green-shield stamps left in your collection to hire a private detective to look into this very mysterious case.

alternatively, you could use your stamp credits to put an advertisement in the paper on behalf of ivor paine, requesting a soul mate with whom to make lace doileys for celia's calendar-girl sale, and it is possible that our recalcitrant mutual friend may come out of her incognito hiding to take up her rightful place in life.

yours sincerely,

victoria withorwithoutmyglassesimalostcase

Aha! You surmised correctly. I have been without phone and internet for ages as has the whole town. Today a very small and frightfully polite south american showed up and fixed it in five minutes and the most spectacular thing of all is that everybody is talking about "DID YOU HEAR THE BANG OF THUNDER ON CALLE SORIA?"I did actually, because as it happens, I had just come in from the garden having unplugged the drain by the gate...standing in a foot of water. So I took off my sandals went back inside and said "Crikey, it's absolutely bucketing but I cleared the drain" I hadn't noticed  that I was standing on the  telephone cable...and peering through the shutters Anita style...when...BANG...and this mammoth white flash fills the room and knocks me over, fries the caja de prueba, goes sizzling through me, head to toe and leaves my middle toe wondering if it had fallen off (luckily not).
So as it happens I have another fifty emails waiting in the in box so I promise I will give you an update on my exciting yet agrophobic life soon. In fact I think I'll just copy and paste this everywhere so I don't have to explain my unoticed silence.
Talk to you soon. Mrs Floyd Ackworth.
P.S. Have you ever googled Mrs Floyd Ackworth? There's no mention of her anywhere. She must be really clever.