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Saturday, 20 August 2011

Juggler with small dog in disguise.

Pictures still duplicating themselves in the artwork folder....aaaarrrgggggg...32 degrees...figs splitting, fruit flies. Breaking down and heading for a gin and tonic in about two hours.
Computer has gone mental. Gie us a break, Jimmy.

Friday, 19 August 2011

Pacific Orcas

Farewell, by Sergio Assad

The man in the piano

When I was small I had an old Victorian piano and there was a face inlayed in the wood like this one here. I never forgot the face or the fact that the sneaky parents sold the piano when I wasn't looking. I still wonder where it is...
Here is a clip to remind one it is better to see the funny side of things sometimes. Click the film about the man in the bath...

Thursday, 18 August 2011

Bedtime Stories

Drawing of many-armed fellow done by the one and only many years ago. I've coloured it in and added bits. I wonder how much genetics play a part in what people choose as subject matter in drawings?

Black, white and red all over.

Help! I keep my artwork in folders according to the year I did them. 2011 is replicating everything by the second. It's making four or five copies of each drawing.....and I have thousands of drawings in each folder. Does anyone know how to fix this?  ....Please!
Sleepwalking at a new time high. I'm still turning into a lizard but now armed with tubes of chemicals to fight the demons.
The town is breathing a sigh of relief that the end of summer madness is within sight.

The above done in Manga studio. There's probably fourteen copies of it by now....

Sunday, 14 August 2011

Or in colour...

Fish chowder beckons...

Ratbag Sunday

Click image to enlarge if you're not in a hurry
I am well aware that I start many things and never finish them so I am trying to alter my brain patterns before I run out of time. Severe lunar activity is prompting me to actually try and put together a book of cartoons and self-publish like the rest of the world on Lulu or wherever.
I urge you to listen to the music below. I cannot understand why the whole world doesn't know of this composer. Managed to buy two tracks from iTunes...and a remarkable app...that names all the stars in the sky, plus drawings of constellations, plus satellites...and, and, and...but I love any kind of gadgets. In September I will be plodding through starlit fields and
Oh, and does anybody know of any computer software that can record guitar playing and turn it into sheet music?...I guess not yet.