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Saturday, 26 March 2011

Rain in Spain

It's not actually raining, just metaphorically. Paco has announced he is leaving for France in September to embark on a six month cooking course.
I am very bored. This is not good. This is the second day, and I dreamed of a recently departed friend who was still trying to do up his house even in the dream, and his wife was still apologising for the sheets of plywood balanced on the beams. Not for me dreams of splitting the atom or discovering DNA. Although I do have regular dreams of going through universes at mind boggling speed.


  1. Well, as Tom Waits says, "a little rain never hurt no-one".

  2. So sorry you're bored. Don't know what to suggest. You could try Windows solitaire but the cure might make the condition worse.

    (We're going to Aiguablava, between Palamos and Begur, a place we've been going to for years. It's probably much too far north to be in your normal ambit. The 'Moonight' post in which you kindly warned of the dangers of Spanish travel was supposed to be postponed until Monday, but somehow my postpone function doesn't always work. My cousin who sings in the LPO choir got caught with the traffic-light flat-tyre scam in Barcelona a couple of years ago. We're always very watchful with one of us riding gunshot. Actually riding catapult is probably more manoeuvrable.)

  3. I've got an acid-proof umbrella.

  4. Well in Hawaii I can remember it raining on one side of the street and I was standing on the other side in the sun.

  5. And don't stop for the phoney accidents or use an unattended rest stop.

    Umberella up!

    Tattered: That would be very funny to see.


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