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Friday, 25 March 2011

Watch out Ryanair, the ladies are coming...

Much excitement in the guitar group yesterday because Edith de France and Maria de Andalucia are also in a choir "Arena del Camino" and they fly from Reus to Paris this morning and onwards to Caudebec-les-ElBeuf or something like that. They are partaking in a concert and so while Jordi is going "Caya caya" (shut up, shut up) Edith and Maria are shouting above our little circle of guitar players. "What if the costumes don't get there?" "Do you know all the songs by memory," and "Oh my back, oh my back, it hurts," followed by Jordi giving up and "Hostia! a concert not a wedding?". While Raul on my right who has given up his job running a sweetie shop in Reus because it interefered too much with his guitar classes and the group, and quite frankly
,completely messed up his tennis schedule, well, Raul is playing something from Linkin' Park of which he is an imaginary member. Mia, the post lady is beaming at everybody and finally we all somehow play our way through the unpronouncable "El Humahuaqueno" (what is it , a spirit?) and are silenced with astonishment that it actually sounded like music.
Outside, we discover the enthusiastic road crew have laid burning asphalt...everywhere.
Alice who used to be Frank phoned this morning. Royal snit pardoned, I guess.
Oh, Edith is far left and Maria sixth from left.


  1. Well, musical activities in your neck of the woods sound like a hoot! And joyous sounds from the choir. When are we going to see the guitar group on YouTube?

  2. I recognise all this - we're going through much the same with preparations for a concert tour in Scotland in a few weeks' time - even down to Ryanair who are 'flying' most of them Girona-Prestwick while J. and I as roadies drive with scores, music stands, uniforms and emergency shots of cassoulet. We're not taking in Dollar, I'm afraid. but Ullapool, Grantown on Spey and Nairn, where the seamstresses come from.

  3. Possibly June. They are doing their annual pitch to get me on stage with them.

  4. We will all await the result on Youtube.


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