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Monday, 21 March 2011

Once in a moon

Alice who used to be Frank is in a royal snit because everybody forgot her sixty fifth birthday. Oh dear, first time I've done that.
I am narrowly clawing my way back from hacking, wheezing, life threatening cold.
It is the second month anniversary of the demise of Arthur. Pah!
The moon is too close.


  1. Well, of course it's the first time you've forgotten her sixty-fifth birthday!
    The moon is in fact as close as it ever gets at the moment. Astronomical fact. But you already knew that.

  2. I wouldn't like you to think I'm judgmental in any way, very far from it, and if I'd once been Frank I might well think of calling myself Alice. But if once I'd been called Ronald McHattie...well, read for yourself.

    Incidentally, my copy of Burkhard's Travels in Nubia (2nd edn. with hand-tinted photogravures) went missing some years ago during a raid. I don't suppose...?

  3. Tim:I knew you already knew that I knew that.

  4. Christopher: I am amazed I never came across Tanya having known many seamstresses around the area she inhabited. As for the copy of Burkhardt's Travels in Nubia...Maureen has the 1st edition, the bit of leather containing the letter "t" has fallen off.

  5. It's a pedigree moon or something. Also affects the tides. Or maybe it also effects the tides. That's one I never get the hang of.

  6. I got a blurry photo of it.


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