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Sunday, 27 March 2011

Public Secretary

And sometimes illustrations come out all by themselves. Mixture of Artrage, Photoshop and the endless world of fractals. Sometimes, I wonder if you took away fractals there would be nothing...anywhere...not even universes. Click to enlarge picture if you really have nothing else to do. Listening to Radio 4 on the headphones, it's a programme about religion or poetry, I'm not sure, because when I am drawing I swim in and out of deafness..."angels don't have freewill.".....they don't?


  1. Fractals are manifestations of the mathematics that govern how universes are. So no fractals, no universes. I wonder if fractals have free will?
    Blimey, profundity and I'm not even drunk yet ...

  2. I'll be raising a glass of white in about fifteen minutes!

  3. Im on antibiotics so water for me. Bah. Nice art though.


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