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Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Knight nose

Jordi and Edith de France( she has her class before me) gave me great greetings at guitar class which was surprisingly nice having crawled out from underneath the patchwork blanket where I have been hibernating for a week. I have to concentrate now, says Jordi. It is not enough just to play anymore. I have to build a repertoire so I can play for twenty minutes in front of an audience. I have to go up a step in the never ending staircase. Then, after class he smoked a cigarette under the bright sky and we compared stomach loss. Well, not literally but we are both on the same quest to banish stomach overhang.
It's the group tomorrow. Distinct lack of human contact during the last weeks!
Cosmos and cucumber seedlings flourishing. Grapefruit buds and teeny figs on the go. Goodbye winter.


  1. Really looking forward to your first 20 minutes' worth on YouTube.

    Guitar, that is, not stomach loss. Or not smoking.

  2. If you type in "oscilis" in youtube you may in fact come across my groundbreaking videos.


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