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Sunday, 24 January 2010

Dog and Friend

Only taken me like five years to figure out how to outline things. Anyway, nothing happening here today.

Alice who used to be Frank cooked a really nice roast beef. A breathstopping moment as she saw a steady stream of RED BLOOD oozing from the roast but I just bunged it in the gravy.
Paco's girlfriend was there and she had never eaten Yorkshire Pudding or gravy and doesn't like rare meat but she ate practically the entire tray of the yorkshire pudding.
Everybody kept getting up to change the CD's because there were five of us there and none of us have the same taste in music.
Alice then put on salsa and spun around in a whirl of red chiffon and red patent- leather high heels.
Arthur sat under the table.

Just discovered this guitarist today. Magic and so is the cameraman.


  1. It's such a great combination of guitarist, ligt, sound. I ordered the score!


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