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Saturday, 23 January 2010

Are you Dancing? Are you Asking?

The guitar ladies came and plunked and we laughed a lot and furrowed our brows a lot. Yesterday it was the cuatro with Jordi. We are a mixed bag of One Catalan/Andalucian, one Andalucian thoroughbred, one Catalan thoroughbred, One French, One Scot. The French and Andalucian are also singers so they tend to sing the notes when they don't know where they are on the frets.
Whenever Jordi says "si" he doesn't mean "yes" he means the note B but my snakebrain thinks he is saying "C" which he is not because here "C" doesn't exist. It's "doh, re,mi, fa, sol, la, si, doh".
Oh, and it seems arty farty musical types are all affected by the weather so yesterday the atmosphere was one of a rather soggy cloud and I played semi quavers in the final bar instead of quavers.
Tonight we are dining at Alice who used to be Frank. Think "Come Dine with Me."...on acid.


  1. How lovely, having a meal cooked for you! I'm hoping for that later but I'll probably have to wash up so it takes the thrill out if it. I didn't realise you get Come Dine With Me over there. I love that programme.

  2. Then you'll know what I'm in for later, ha, ha! But she cooks better this year than last...

  3. So, Francie & Josie live on!

  4. I'm asking...I'm dancing. Ha, ha. Aberdeen dance halls on a friday night.


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