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Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Upsidedown Blue Teacup Flying Through Space.

The thing is...when you start playing around in fractals, you can't stop. Cutting out circles, spherizing them, pasting them back in different scales or pasting a bit of another drawing. Then suddenly hours have gone by.

A message from the Gods has arrived in the form of an invitation to visit the Highlands of Scotland this summer. A childhood summer paradise on the West coast where I built dams against the tides on the white beaches in Arisaig. The Gods are definately telling me to go. So I will. New adventures..old friends.Thank you...thank you. It's been a while.


  1. Yes, yes you must go. That place is about the best in the world. Camusdarach...Back of Keppoch...Bracorina...The Old Forge, Inverie, Knoydart...
    Pure magic
    Maybe these will tip the balance to remind you why you must go:
    Morar and Knoydart

  2. I know Back of Keppoch, Morar, Knoydart and Ardnamurchan Point from summer holidays. I absolutely love the area. The most beautiful light in the air. I can't think why I haven't been back for so many years...Thanks for the links.

  3. I know what you mean, maybe we save the best up, like the icing on the cream buns. We're off to the Outer Hebrides in June, first visit since 1987 yet it was one of the most favourite places as well. Though in the meantime other wonderful places have been enjoyed. Mull last year was pretty jolly gorgeous also.

  4. Are you going to North Uist?


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