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Tuesday, 26 January 2010

I dumped the Wooly. that better?


  1. My french is rubbish so I wasn't sure if she meant the sea cucumber's eyes or the man's. Doesn't matter either way!

  2. Well my French is pretty limited too but at least the joke came across to you. I woner if people think about the colour of cucumber's eyes?

  3. Cucumbers, no. Potatoes, maybe.
    I liked that wooly. You'll now have to unpick it and knit it back into that lost Purple Codex thingie. Look forward to the read.
    Yeux azures.

  4. Now I suppose you want him to wear a whiter shade of pale or something? Or stomp off talking in the rain whilst writing a new wooly jumper.
    Nice tuxedo!


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