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Sunday, 6 December 2009

Bebby Jesus.

Oh, I just love this season. So many demons and angels around to draw. This is actually a real ink drawing which means I now have ink all over my medio finger. You can't win with ink. It makes great lines...and always gets everywhere. Digitally coloured in which is why is t sort of blurs over the pure, black lines.

Walked over to see Alice who used to be Frank. The exciting news being that her daughter is pregnant. The other news being what does that make Alice? Granny or Grandpa?

Henry and the invisible wife are fighting next door. The town strangely deserted as it is a big holiday. Closer to the truth is, Spain is pretty much closed until January 7th.

The only fixture left behind from the workmen is a 1970's plastic, imitation, Tiffany lampshade hanging in the hall...and I can't reach it even on a step ladder. Drat, and here's me trying to make the place look light, airy, Swedishy.

I watched a disgruntled artist, on television, being told his artwork (made out of a pile of chipathi's ((his pronounciation, not mine))...was lame. The artist was really cross. "Wellth, I thinkth ith lame for a little boy to give a girl a litthle flower. Thath lame... but my chipatiith? Thatth not lame."

I would have just asked where the mango chutney was.


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