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Saturday, 5 December 2009

Sings like an Angel

I apologise to the spirit of the Wild Boar. I am not bad at Steak and Kidney Pie and pretty good at pierogies but bad at boar.

The Macbeth Trio was a cuatro again yesterday and I am saddled as guitar number one. They shouldn't have given me that part because I have to come in contratiempo (in one piece) which means starting my bit when tapping foot is in the air. I can consistently not do this which means my brain is perfectly capable of doing it, because it always never does it right...

But hey, check out the latest music we have been given to peruse over the Christmas season.

Our version is for two guitars. My bit has a weird tremelo part. pim, pim, except I am more of a pmi, person. Pulgar, medio, indice.

Peculiar learning music in a foreign language.

Anyway, what I really wanted to say is why do people assume angels are friendly? And...are there like, Jazz Angels? Got to think about things like this in December.


  1. I like the word contratiempo, and your explanation of it - I used to think of this as 'upside-down' rhythm - some musics use this trick to confuse the hell out of your head, and your feet - once you get into it though, great to dance to ...
    As regards Jazz Angels, I'm pretty sure they exist, they drop little dollops of jazz into my brain all the time, sometimes quite inconveniently, but are they friendly? They certainly don't supply the means for me to play their stuff. I don't think angels operate in those terms, to be honest - but, with your permission, I have another 20-something December days to think about that.

  2. Ah yes, contratiempo. Great once you get the hang of it. Requires an awfully fast brain, ha, ha. I would think Jazz angels would be very friendly, certainly have a sense of humour.

  3. I'm off to look up Dinah Washington...

  4. You're right! How did I miss all that?


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