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Saturday, 12 December 2009

Guitar Amor

Macbeth was back to a trio yesterday. Dying to try out the new piece but nobody had looked at it from the week before.
Made a very big mess out of cheesy dough and a batch of rather dry, bit burnt, cheesy biscuits which were supposed to be straws, but they kept falling to bits when I tried to roll them into "pencils".
Ironed Mrs Isherwood's embroidered Christmas tablecloth (one of the roughly four items I iron per year). Cleaned the windows in the sitting room (about the same amount I iron). Made three cups of tea, all of which I forgot about.
And, here's a link to a blog that always makes me laugh...especially this yummy, tempting dish which I will have to try next. Click on the link after where it says..."Forgot the recipe? No problem"
Have a festive weekend. I'm exhausted already.


  1. I like the guitar drawing!
    I try to avoid any extra cooking this time of year. The days have long gone when I used to make my own christmas pudding and christmas cake. There are so many affordable ones in supermarkets now I can't be bothered. Blimey, thinking abut it I used to make my own decorations too!;)

  2. No puddings or christmas cake here.I used to make all sorts of stuff but there are no little feet here anymore.


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