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Sunday, 18 January 2009

They're Out There.

Many, many years ago, I knew this lady and this is an old drawing I did of her that I found in a cupboard this morning. So, I've made it into an imaginary book cover but now I have done this I wonder if she is sending me a message from beyond? She was a great believer in flying saucers.

Sometimes I think I am plugged into something I don't know about. I mean where do these drawings actually come from?


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  2. I saw a UFO this morning. Well, I know it was a plane, but it was too high in the sky to positively identify it ...

    By the way, I've been trying to put your second set of Red Shoes lyrics to music - came up with one ambitious idea, tried it out and hated it - so that one's on hold I'm afraid.

    I know - we could collaborate on something to be called 'The Frog Song' ... Oh.

  3. Couldn't I hear even a teeny bit more of it? I'll get working on the Frog Trotting lyrics then...


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