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Saturday, 17 January 2009

The Frog and the Water Lily

The truth is I can't draw water lilies..well, not yet. There are certain things I just can't hands...and well, water lilies. But this drawing came about directly from watching a guitarist on Youtube. She composes and plays just as if she were painting a picture or telling a story. Here's the link to Annette Kruisbrink playing "The Frog and the Water Lily."

Bike run uneventful. The sea is the colour of stained glass windows today.


  1. That's a weird coincidence isn't it, us both drawing frogs. The music in the link goes really well with your froggy picture doesn't it?
    I've never drawn waterlilies...or leopardskin trousers for that matter until now!

  2. I never draw leopard skin. I used to have a brother that told me there was a man with a leopard skin cape who lived down the loo!


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