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Saturday, 24 January 2009

Do Fairies Die?

Or should I call it keyhole surgery? So, now I have got pink lettering (I don't normally like pink) but do I know how I made the lettering fillable innable in the first place? No, not me.

I am waiting for some music to arrive that I am going to do 31 drawings for. The music is beautiful and so are the titles. It's going to be fun.

Howling, howling winds . Tiles crashing. Trees roaring. Windows shuddering, me too.

Here's a really nice piece of lute playing.


  1. No. They are brief visitations of elementary particles from other, parallel universes, which our senses interpret as humanoid. They poke their noses through a keyhole (yes!) in the space-time continuum, decide they don't like it much, and go back.
    This can also happen, on a longer timescale, to almost any object, which explains why my carving fork, which I used not an hour ago on a delicious poussin, has now vanished without trace.
    Trust me, this is all true, I'm reading Bill Bryson.

  2. Nice bit of lute!
    I'm looking forward to your music drawings. I did a series of abstracts inspired by flamenco a couple f years ago and had a shit review from the local paper. Oh well, all publicity is good publicity, except it's not really is it? Ha!x

  3. Tim, I'm afraid I have temporarily borrowed your carving fork (via keyhole) because the telegraph pole down the street needs propping up after the storm. But, by the way, do you perhaps have my radio which mysteriously disappeared about two months ago?

  4. Hi Jessie, Oh, the reviewer probably favoured salsa dancing...

  5. Not for long, Soulbrush, but they have a good time before they go.

  6. Hope the pole hasn't fallen down, cos the fork beamed itself back into the bottom of the dishwasher this morning (under the roasting tin).

    Won't have time tomorrow to hack my way through the bacterial growth of dormant radios in the spare room, as I'll be getting a haircut and starting to record 'New Red Shoes'.

  7. "New Red Shoes" Hooray!
    Most of the poles and half the trees blew over. It's chaos here.

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