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Monday, 19 January 2009

Och, go on then...

You see! I hadn't even thought of doing this yesterday. It could turn into a mad, surrealistic circle of exchanging ideas, sounds and images. Oh dear and it's only Monday.


  1. That's a bit spooky, because an ad lib I threw into my stalled version of Red Shoes #2, after the line 'do you want to dance with me', was 'go on then...'

  2. That's...em...strange. It says to me Red Shoes is positively calling out to be finished. Probably Nick Drake, just kidding!!!!
    The next lines dropped by while on the bike run this morning.
    "You be my left. I'll be your right. Dancing, dancing in the navy blue night."

  3. OK. It's got to be done. It'll take some time though, I need to flush my musical brain through (cerebral irrigation?)- inexact parallel, because in this case some of the outcomes will be retained and reused ... sorry, I'm going to drop this analogy right now!!
    I may (do) imitate Nick occasionally, but certainly don't intend to emulate him.

  4. I'll look forward to your version.

  5. Did I do that before you wrote the song?


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