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Sunday, 12 June 2011

What children think about but don't let on.

Spent a happy morning in both Chinese shops in town looking for yarn, wool, whatever to knit an Easter bunny for a one year old I know. It is difficult to get out of these shops because of the immense array of packets, shiny things, boxes of marbles (guaranteed to stop me in my tracks), cooking utensils that would gladly slice your fingers free of charge, very strange scratchy flamenco (really?) shawls, fans, bikinis, wooden boxes of donimoes, pickupsticks, playing cards (x-rated), anything and everything made of yellow or tourquoise plastic, and chains of plastic vegetables, which I'm not quite sure what you do with them.
The town is heaving with people from Zaragoza (all here to see the Holy Ghost on Monday, I suppose). The covertible red sports cars driven by long forgotten film stars and filled with cloudy blondes are roaring to a halt at the traffic lights. The ladies of the night (actually ladies of the town's nearest laybys...oh, that's why they are called that?) are sipping coffee at the bar by the post office. The streets are a riot of T-shirts and flip-flops. This is my cue to disappear.
Oh...and now it seems I cannot send emails....


  1. Fascinated by what the kids are thinking but not telling - is it some kind of zodiacal ephemeris? X-rated, of course?

  2. I am always amazed how all bloggers seem to hop around blogs at the same time of day. These children are of course thinking about the Voynich Manuscript. Only they can read it...and me.

  3. And I thought it must be a translation of the I-Ching.
    Now I want to find a Chinese shop. Surely there must be one nearer than Spain? Or Lancaster.

  4. There's millions of Chinese shops here. I don't know why. Need anything ordering just let me know.

  5. I found one in Oxford yesterday but it wasn't much like yours.
    And thank you :)


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