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Monday, 13 June 2011

Technical fault...

otherwise known as me. Before I get into fisticuffs with Manga Studio and Photoshop I will abandon this drawing. I cannot paste where I want, I mean the drawing not fisticuffs. It copies to the clipboard and vanishes into cyberspace when I politely request that it fills the speech balloon with an image...or just completely pastes over it. Radio Three has awful music on this morning, except for right now...which is not bad...but sometimes I cannot take percussion and trumpets and violins all at the same time...oh and flutes or possibly piccaloes or whatever they are called. I mean it sounds like they dumped all the colours in the palette together...which as we all know makes muddy brown.
Excuse me while I go and find a ley line to lie down on.


  1. Reminds me of someone shouting "Be reasonable, like me!" I made a print of it and stuck it on the wall but no one else seemed impressed.
    You could go and have a little play with your donimoes to calm yourself.

  2. I am often a technical fault. Usually I blame the manual.
    Maybe this will soothe - or maybe infuriate : )

  3. ElizT: I remain in a zen-like calm.

    Mig: I used to love the incredible string band. Thanks for the link and I refound "painting box" which I haven't heard for years. Thank you!

  4. Do you know what happens to donimoes if you put them on a ley line?

  5. Wait...donimoes? dominoes? donnez-nous...?

  6. Donimoes were Sunday's story. I must admit I wasn't going to say anything...
    I of course assumed it was your pet name for Donnie Munro, former singer with Runrig. Though did wonder why he would be kept in a box, even though he moved into politics.
    So if Donnie Munro stands on a box on a ley line, what's the result?
    Is there a ley line to Loch Lomond?

  7. Soaring: I am assuming that your real name is Bruce...which is why your comments are confusing. I've never heard of Donnie Munro but I have traipsed up a couple.

  8. Which Bruces are confusing? Robert the, Richard the, Ken, Sir Forsyth, Almighty?
    Or the current Runrig singer Bruce Guthro, who's from Cape Breton Island Nova Scotia where they do some great fiddle music?
    Donnie had (maybe still has) a great voice.

  9. The Python sketch . Everybody is called Bruce except for everyone gets confused that...well.. you would have to see it really....

  10. Aaargggg...not the bonnie banks of Loch Lomond!!! The only one worse is "Ye banks and braes o' bonnie Doon"...or whiskers on kittens..evening ruined.

  11. yeah but it's......different.
    perhaps this will sooth

  12. Thank you Soaring, another evening ruined. This type of music makes me run away screaming. I had to SING this stuff at school AND play hockey in minus five temperatures.


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