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Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Small dog travelling through the universe.

Just been shuffling through my Picasa album and found my buddy the red dog. So I have teleported him into outer space and pasted him on top of a fractal image I had already played with. The dog layer was "vivid light" at about 60% opacity before I flattened it (for anybody taking notes).
It is so hot outside I almost set fire to my hand by carelessly placing it on the wooden table in the garden. New holidaymakers out back, splish, splash, very excited children which makes a nice change from the invisible wife's yelling into her mobile or yelling at the strange chain of people leaving her house. The postman asked her if she was called Daniella the other day and she said yes. Now, I am totally confused as to who she may be...and I still want to know what happened to Henry, her he under the gravel in the driveway?
And here's a very beautiful piece of music.


  1. That is very beautiful indeed.

  2. I have the sheet music should you require it.

  3. Right, then all I need to do is take delivery, learn to sight-read music, learn to fingerpick, get the right guitar, practice - should be ready to play the first bar within a year or two.

  4. Won't work on the clarinet, I suppose?

  5. Clarinet...wel, it might but it would probably burst a blood vesselor two. It would sound amazing though.

  6. Theoretically it should be possible to approximate on the fiddle. It wouldn't sound the same though.


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