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Friday, 24 June 2011

San Juan

Having not been down to the village for some days I discover there is a new restaurant on the main drag. The new owners are English. They have placed their newly photocopied menus outside the courtyard. Thirty nine fifty euros for a sea bream...golly...have they not done any research?
There is a new hamburger and ice cream shop opening on the other side of the main drag. Air conditioning, glass terrace overlooking the sea. They will make a fortune.
New Chinese shop over by the health centre. How many Chinese shops can there be in one small town?
It is San Juan. It is birthday of my one and only offspring. The sky is full of fireworks. It is daytime. It is a Catalan thing.


  1. Happy birthday to your one and only!

  2. €39,50 for sea bream? Afraid we won't be going there.
    We have St Jean too, with an immense bonfire of palettes which the old folk dance round. Cancelled this year though owing to inability of fire brigade to access site.

    Happy birthday one and only offspring.

  3. Tim:Thank you. Still nightime where she is!

    Christopher:They have awful accidents here every year with fire. I don't like it at all but there is also much strange dancing circles and hanky waving.

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