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Wednesday, 22 June 2011

The amazing return of Henry...

Aha! The daily tedium of life on the Med is broken this morning by the arrival of a taxi next door, the contents of which...turns out to be long-lost Henry. He is not, as I suspected, buried under the gravel in the driveway but alive and well. Alive and a curious shade of white. Fido is barking and barking, jumping up and down on the frightened taxi driver. The invisible wife does not come outdoors. Is she expecting him? Is she stuffing bin liners with evidence? Where is her usual morning visitor and his bike?
I reckon the shouting will start around six this evening. I'll keep you posted.


  1. 18.36 - anything happened yet? Slammings of doors, crashings of hurled vases, broken glass?

  2. Everything is very, very quiet...

  3. I too have a neighbour who is almost always absent without leave. We had a census survey in our street ("did you receive your census", "did you fill it in", "did you write anything stupid in it" etc) and I could tell that by the 14th time that they had called on the guy to run through their legally required survey that they were tempted to just fill it in themselves and be done with it. He doesn't do any shouting though - he doesn't seem to do anything at all.

    Loving your work, by the way.

  4. Mr vvbored: I wouldn't be surprised if your absent neighbour lived on this very street the rest of the time.


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