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Sunday, 19 June 2011

Quiz time

It's all happening here....erm...I'm really, really, really, really bored and I've been really really bored since seven this morning but not bored while I was drawing this so I may have to do another one...oh and it's only one o' clock so not even time to have a bowl of fish chowder that I made when I was really bored about an hour ago.


  1. Or you could pretend it's a B chord and call it B7.
    Are there rules about when it's permissible to eat fish chowder? I'm about to have mine. (Well, smoked haddock chowder from Waitrose to be honest.)

  2. Green beans, tomatoes, olives, aubergine today. Beat that Waitrose.

  3. Pork pie with English mustard.

  4. Aaaargg!!!! I'll swap! I would kill for a pork pie.

  5. Well, that's a bit drastic ...


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