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Monday, 9 May 2011

One small dog

Adobe illustrator has great virtual paintbrushes and it's got me it time to get out the oils and do a great big canvas? I used to have a studio where the light poured in from the ramshackle roof and windows. It looked onto an ancient castle and on certain days the vultures would wheel by in the sky, or a deer that lived near a railway bridge would trot past in the morning mist.
Or if you couldn't think what to do you could wander down to the pines where the Romans and Moors threw their broken dinner plates at various intervals and pick up handfuls of decorated shards.
I am off to land of ancestors soon. Easily found on Google Streetview where you can take a virtual tour of the west coast of Scotland. I was there this morning. It still looks wonderful. 


  1. Lucky you, say Hi to Camusdarach if you're passing through.
    Big outdoor canvasses? Do you know of
    Kurt Jackson?
    At Dovecot Studios Edinburgh 11-28 May

  2. Soaring: If I am there I will. Don't know Kurt Jackson but do know the Dovecot Studios. My main subject at Edinbugh was tapestry weaving.

  3. Kurt has done some fabulous en plein air pieces & some gigantic canvasses. He once had several displayed on some platform pillars at Paddington Station. I think this is his first exhibition in Scotland. I have a feeling you'd like his style. We often talk about a "Kurt Jackson sea" when out on the cliffs.

  4. I looked him up, interesting stuff. Do you know David Prentice, abstracts?

  5. I presume this is the David Prentice in Birmingham, not the BMW car dealer.
    They look very interesting also.
    When it comes to art I think my overall take is I know nothing but I know what I like.
    We have a couple of small Kurt pictures which are much treasured. Got to know him a bit some years ago, down in Cornwall - a really decent guy.
    Whilst exchanging artists, one I like who has a local connection comes from down your way - Josep Pla, who occasionally exhibits in our local town Kingsbridge here. Probably one of your neighbours.

  6. My knowledge of contemporary painters is pretty dismal. I didn't know Josep Pla but like his style. I used to do big air and space fact the garage is full of them, ha, ha. Going a bit mouldy now.

  7. Went to Google Scotland this morning and ended up doing a virtual reminder of a holiday with seven other photographers on Skye an few years ago. What a stunning place!


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