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Saturday, 14 May 2011

Chocks away...

The guitar group was utter, utter chaos, myself included. I got totally lost and I was only on the second line. Blank, one hundred per cent, and I'm thinking...why has everyone stopped? Which they had, because they always stop if I stop. Jordi has his head in his hands. "How is it possible that you're all getting worse? It's your responsibility. Your group."
Quite a squirmy afternoon. Got a lift home from Edith de France who is by now in Corsica. Came into the computer/guitar room, unfolded music stand and sliced off part of my right hand. Why do umbrellas and music stands have razor sharp bits? Anyway, it looks like a maroon coloured woodlouse has taken up residency in the palm of my hand...and it hurts.
I am trying to tidy up the house but it appears I am merely moving one pile of rubbish from one room to another. I would quite happily throw everything away and start again...except the guitars...and the books...and great,great grandfather paintings...and the weeping willow chair...oh rats.


  1. Are you sure you don't want to throw away the rats?

  2. What do musicians and warriors have in common?

    Music group - Fiddle teacher says, 1-2-3-4....ONE Two three four. I say which one??? I can't speak and play at the same time so I immediately get lost.

  3. Mig: Ha, ha, I so relate to that but on my end it's un, dos, tres cua...ya...ahora...Rosana!


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