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Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Landing gear up

I really like children's books. This one has been handed down over generations but I vividly remember reading it and marvelling at the illustrations.
The shopping trip ran fairly smoothly but was about three hours longer than I would normally spend on such things. El Corte Ingles has an amazing bed department with gigantic beds topped with great mountainous, sparkling white duvets, and pillows that look like clouds, soft, fuzzy throws and blow me if I didn't just feel like launching myself into midair and landing right in the middle of one with a satisying thluccckkkkaahh.
But Alice was in Susanna and Trini mode so I was whisked quickly by, and into the depths of coat hangers and rails. Alice finds it intensely amusing that I cannot actually see over the railings so spend most of the time in any department store pretty much lost and wandering around, what is for me, a maze.
 But I found what I was looking for.


  1. I'm no aeronaut, but I suspect landing gear should be down rather than up, if you're landing. Otherwise it's taking-off gear. I do know how to stop a car though. Two cars in fact. You just press this pedal very hard and then say sorry to the driver behind you (whilst pointing out that it was his fault).

  2. Ah, but he is going to take off...

  3. Heart-felt words there Tim. About cars stopping each other.

  4. Does anyone have a spare tyre? I do...

  5. He'll need to.
    Shopping is just about ok if you find what you're looking for. Otherwise it's really just an excuse for having a nice coffee out.

  6. I had bubbly water with ice and lemon. Alice had coffee and chocolate cake with ice cream. Come to think of's quite descriptive of us...


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