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Sunday, 8 May 2011


The sun came out briefly and the landscape seemed ten times larger and brighter with so much moisture in the air. The sky very, very blue, the larks going brrrrrut bbbrrrrrrrrut brrrttuuutttuuuuuurrrrrrrr and busy beasts in the scrubby bushes going zzzzzttttt   zzzzzeerrrrtttttttt and the hoopoos going oooooooooooppppoooooo   ooopppppoooooooo. And somehow (probably me being vertically challenged) I am surrounded by waist high wild dog roses and the vegetation stretches from the mountains behind me to the horizons around me and not a building or person in sight. It's at moments like this I feel utterly connected with absolutely everything.

Alice who used to be Frank is dragging me off to El Corte Ingles again. She has taken it upon herself to become my personal dresser. A post I had not even advertised for. It's all going to land up in tears...


  1. Nice, as we cough and sneeze into a soggy winter.
    Can't get enough of those Ratbags.

  2. Excellent onomatopoeia! My birds mostly just go coo-coo coo coo-coo.

  3. ElzT. Strange to think you are in winter. It's just starting to get really hot here.

    Tim: 1 across. Familiar sounds...ha, ha...onomatopoeia.

  4. Having a moment of mountain envy here!
    Nice to find out where the ratbag sister has got to as the earlier page left me wondering.

  5. Mig: She still hasn't landed though...


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